Sit Down, John! #upbeatauthors

It's Monday, which means it's the start of a brand-new work week, and that means another installment of posts from Upbeat Authors. Today's topic My Favorite Historical Figure. Really, I should say figures, plural, because my favorites are a couple. I don't think one could have done what they did without the other. Though I … Continue reading Sit Down, John! #upbeatauthors

I Love to Laugh – #MFRWauthor

It's week 18 of the MFRWauthor 52-Week Blog Challenge, and this week's prompt is What Makes Me Laugh Out Loud. I freely admit that I love to laugh. To quote Dolly Parton's character in Steel Magnolias, "Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion," I have been known to burst into song at random times, warbling, "I love … Continue reading I Love to Laugh – #MFRWauthor

Shhh…Don’t Tell a Soul – #MFRWauthor

It's week 10 of the MFRWauthor blog challenge and this week's prompt is Seven Guilty Pleasures. Egads! I'm supposed to reveal my guilty pleasures for everyone to judge? I guess that's the whole point, right? So okay, here they are: Number 1: Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. Do not ask me why I watch this show … Continue reading Shhh…Don’t Tell a Soul – #MFRWauthor

Nothing Wrong With a Good Binge! #MFRWauthor

I'm not one of those people who turns my nose up at TV. I freely confess that I love a good story, no matter how it's delivered. I happen to enjoy TV. A lot. Go ahead. Judge me. I'll wait. This week's blog prompt is to write about those shows we love to binge-watch. This … Continue reading Nothing Wrong With a Good Binge! #MFRWauthor

TV Wars (in my own head.) British vs. US

Welcome to today's installment of TV Wars: British vs. US. Okay, so this is the only installment, and it takes place entirely inside my head...but welcome anyway. I've been noticing something about myself lately, and I'm not sure what it means. Frankly, except for a few guilty pleasures, I like British TV a whole lot … Continue reading TV Wars (in my own head.) British vs. US