A Sight for Sore Eyes — #MFRWauthor

It's Friday. and that means another installment of the MFRWauthor 52-week blog challenge. It's week 27, which means we'll be running downhill from this point on. This week's prompt is The Most Beautiful Place I've Been. I suspect we'll see a lot of variety in this week's bloghop since beauty is such a subjective thing. … Continue reading A Sight for Sore Eyes — #MFRWauthor

Oh The Places I’ll Go — #MFRWauthor

It's week 17 of the MFRWauthor Bloghop challenge, and this week's prompt is  Top 5 places I'd like to visit. This one should be fun. I suspect the problem won't be trying to come up with 5 places, but in trying to narrow my extensive list down to only 5 places. There are places I've … Continue reading Oh The Places I’ll Go — #MFRWauthor

5 Things You Might Not Know about Yellowstone National Park

Disney claims that its theme parks are the "happiest place on earth." Much as I love Disney, I would have to argue with them about that claim--at least as far as I'm concerned. As a kid growing up in Montana, I looked forward every year to my family's annual visit to Yellowstone National Park, always … Continue reading 5 Things You Might Not Know about Yellowstone National Park

13 Things that Begin with “P”

Posting this early since Thursday is a holiday here in the US... 13 things in my world that begin with "P" in no particular order: 1)  Piano -- Years ago, before my dad died, my parents wanted to give me a gift so I could remember them -- because, you know, without a gift one … Continue reading 13 Things that Begin with “P”

Packing Panic

I'm heading to San Diego this morning for RWA board meeting, and I don't feel ready. Oh, I've read and studied the agenda and I've jotted down all the questions I have at the moment about the motions on the agenda, so I think I'm ready to work -- I'm just not sure I've been … Continue reading Packing Panic

She’s Ba-a-a-a-a-ck

Wow!  After 9 days in Reno and 1 day of walking around the house like a zombie, trying to wake up and catch up, I think I'm finally back! The conference was busy, as always, and I only made it to part of two workshops (not including my own. I was there for all of … Continue reading She’s Ba-a-a-a-a-ck

Be Back Soon!

We're down to the wire, pulling last-minute things together before we leave for Reno on Saturday morning.  I'll see you all when I get back at the beginning of August!