My Biggest Accomplishments So Far — #MFRWauthor

Welcome to week #50 of the Marketing for Romance Writers 52-week blog challenge. Tis week's prompt is My Biggest Accomplishments, a theme that makes me say, "Ugh." As I mentioned in week 46. I'm not really comfortable tooting my own horn. In fact, I really dislike doing it. But I'm determined to see this thing … Continue reading My Biggest Accomplishments So Far — #MFRWauthor

Please Don’t Ask if I’m Ready for Christmas

We all know--or should know--that this is a difficult time of year for some people. We hear--or should hear--the advice to be sensitive to what others are going through. Unfortunately,  even some people who dish out the advice sometimes inadvertently say something insensitive. It happens. Were only human, after all. We occasionally say the wrong … Continue reading Please Don’t Ask if I’m Ready for Christmas

You Never Forget Your First Love — #MFRWauthor

Welcome to week #42 of the  Marketing for Romance Authors 52-Week Blog Challenge. This week's prompt is My First Love. When I saw this week's prompt, my mind went immediately to one person and has stayed there, no matter how hard I tried to steer myself in another direction. I tried to come up with … Continue reading You Never Forget Your First Love — #MFRWauthor

You Should Never Be Too Busy To…#upbeatuthors

Happy Monday! It's the start of a brand-new week, and that means a new topic for #UpbeatAuthors. I've been staring at this week's topic for a while now, wondering what one thing I would pick to fill in the blank here. Over the years, I've met many writers who start volunteering in their local writer's … Continue reading You Should Never Be Too Busy To…#upbeatuthors

13 Things That Begin with “U”

I guess I've put this blog post off long enough. I keep wondering if I actually have 13 things in my world that begin with the letter "U", but finding 13 U items is more likely than finding 13 X or Z here we go. I'm game if you are. In no particular order, … Continue reading 13 Things That Begin with “U”

Introducing My BFF(s) #MFRWauthor

It's week 5 in the MFRWauthor blogging challenge and this week's prompt is to talk about my best friend. This is a hard one for me because I don't think I actually have a "best" friend. I do, however, have several really wonderful close friends who rank up there so close together, it's impossible to pick … Continue reading Introducing My BFF(s) #MFRWauthor

Walking Through Fire

Well, color me absolutely mortified. I was contacted by an editorial assistant from my publisher a couple of weeks ago and asked to complete my art fact sheets online by today. For some reason "by July 13" translated in my head to 11:59 pm. Tonight. I figured they'd look at them tomorrow. And so I … Continue reading Walking Through Fire

Thinking About Good Friends

There are lots of reasons for pursuing a dream as an author, lots of reasons for wanting to become published. There's the validation that comes when Someone Important Somewhere says that your work is good. Not just good, but good enough for them to invest in, to typeset, print, create cover art for, and distribute … Continue reading Thinking About Good Friends