Happy Birthday to Matt

Today is my favorite nephew's birthday. Now before anybody starts thinking I'm an awful aunt for saying that, let me clear the air by admitting that Matt is my only nephew.  I also have two nieces, but we're talking nephews today. Matt's 20 today, which means that he has officially left behind the life of … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Matt

Happy Birthday to Me!

I've been pretty quiet lately, I know. I'm trying to keep my nose to the grindstone, my backside in my chair, and my hands on my keyboard so I can get Her Secret Family to Victoria by the end of the month. But I just have to surface today because . . . well because it's … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday!

Special Birthday Wishes to my "little" brother, Gordon -- who also happens to be my web guru and site builder, and who isn't so little anymore. Happy Birthday, Gordon!!!!!! Safe travels I spent most of the day yesterday changing the characters' names in my current work in progress.  Seems my editors didn't really like the … Continue reading Happy Birthday!