The Fred Vickery Mysteries

Fred Vickery is a man of a certain age–70-something, to be exact. He’s retired from his job as Buildings and Grounds Supervisor for the local school district, and he plans on living out his days in his hometown of Cutler, Colorado. But in a town like Cutler, murder has a way of hitting close to home.


No Place for Secrets

In a little town like Cutler, Colorado, there’s always time to stop and chat with a neighbor…to enjoy a glass of lemonade on the front porch…or to watch the sunset over Spirit Lake. But that doesn’t mean there’s no such thing as murder… Fred Vickery’s getting to that age.  Doc Huggins says he’s supposed to avoid cholesterol, … Continue reading No Place for Secrets

No Place Like Home

Seventy-three years haven’t dampened Fred Vickery’s enthusiasm for life–or his pride in his children, however foolish they may be.  Like his impetuous son Douglas.  Since his divorce, Douglas has managed to ignore all of Fred’s advice about reconciling with his ex-wife. Now, Douglas is the only suspect in the murder of her new boyfriend.  There’s … Continue reading No Place Like Home

No Place for Death

fter seventy-three years, change doesn’t sit well with Fred Vickery. So he’s not about to give up coffee and diner food, no matter what his daughter and his doctor say. Because Fred knows the secret for staying young is staying happy. And as long as there’s a mystery to be solved, Cutler, Colorado, is heaven … Continue reading No Place for Death

No Place for Tears

Cutler, Colorado, may be a small town, but it certainly isn’t boring. Even for someone who’s lived there 73 years, like Fred Vickery. “Helping” with police business has become his favorite pastime. And as long as human nature stays the same, there will be enough foul play in Cutler to keep Fred happy for another … Continue reading No Place for Tears

No Place for Sin

A man is lucky to live his life in a place like Cutler, Colorado.  At least that’s what Fred Vickery thinks–and he ought to know.  A lifelong resident, Fred is seventy-three and still going strong.  He plans to live in Cutler for the rest of his life–and the last thing he wants to see is … Continue reading No Place for Sin

No Place for Memories

Fred Vickery knew that attending his high school reunion was a mistas soon as he met up with his hated boyhood rival, LeGrande Macafee.It seems the former classmate and Fred’s deceased wife shared some personal high school memories that the senior sleuth never knew about–and that LeGrande is a little too eager to divulge. But … Continue reading No Place for Memories