Mastering Story Conflict

For years, Mastering Story Conflict (by whatever name it was known at the time) was one of Dancing on Coals’ most popular workshops. Designed to help writers build strong, believable and realistic conflict in every book you write. this book focuses on the art and craft of conflict, both internal and external.

You’ll learn how to make sure the conflict in your novel is strong enough to sustain a work of novel-length fiction, how to weave conflicts together in ways that are fresh, exciting, and powerful, and how to identify ways in which a character’s core beliefs create conflict.

We’ll focus on how internal and external conflicts work together and against each other and how to ensure that you’re using conflict as a double-edged sword to keep readers interested and engaged from the first page of your novel to the last. Part of the Dancing on Coals How-To Series. Based on the Dancing on Coals online Master Class.


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