Workshop in March: Leaping Over Stumbling Blocks

For those who haven't heard, I'm teaching an online workshop in March for the Utah Chapter of Romance Writers of America. Registration is open. Time's flying by. Hope to see you there! Leaping Over Stumbling Blocks. Online Class with Sherry Lewis Date: March 1-31, 2017 Cost: URWA Member $20 Non-Member $25 They take many shapes, … Continue reading Workshop in March: Leaping Over Stumbling Blocks

Sharing info on the business of writing

“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” ~Ernest Hemingway There’s no end to the things we can learn about the craft of writing, no matter how many … Source: Sharing info on the business of writing

It’s All About the Reader — dancingoncoals

I’m up to my eyeballs in books and manuscripts I’m judging for contests, which is great. There’s nothing like contest season to reinforce the things you know as a writer and help you remember things you don’t want to do in your own books. I want every book or manuscript I pick up to be … Continue reading It’s All About the Reader — dancingoncoals

Dancing on Coals

The other day I told you about how I came up with the Coaldancer screen name, but I'm thinking about it again today. Why? Because that group of dear, close friends I mentioned (the Coaldancers!) have been encouraging me for a long time to turn the writing workshops I've created and refined in fire over the … Continue reading Dancing on Coals