5 Tasks I’d Give Up in a Heartbeat — #MFRWauthor Week 11

Welcome to week 11 of the Marketing for Romance Writers (MFRW) 52-week blog challenge. This week’s prompt is “If I never had to do this task again…”

It’s an intriguing prompt, I think. I can think of a gazillion or so tasks I’d willingly give up forEVER if I could, so I’m thinking that writing this week’s blog post will actually be kind of easy. The hard part will be narrowing it down to only 5. Picking just one would be hard to the point of impossible. So here, in no particular order, are five tasks I’d be happy to give up permanently if I could.

Dirty Dishes UnsplashNo. 1: If I never had to do dishes again in this lifetime, I would be a happy camper. While I love having a clean kitchen, I had the work involved in getting it that way. I like to cook and think I do a reasonably good job of it, but I hate the clean-up afterward. At the moment, my oldest daughter and I are roommates and we try to divide the duties evenly. since she loves to cook and hates doing dishes even more than I do, she does most of the cooking, and I do most of the clean-up.  The only good thing about doing dishes is that I can, in theory, do them whenever it’s convenient, unlike cooking which must be done at relatively specific times, no matter how the work is going. It’s frustrating to finally get going on a story only to have to stop to put the evening meal together. And really, as long as I have a dishwasher and a garage disposal, doing the dishes isn’t so bad. But it’s still bad enough.

Wish List 05

No. 2: Cleaning the bathroom. Again, while I love having a clean bathroom, I’m not so enamored of the work involved in keeping it clean  Scrubbing the toilet is by far the worst job, but I’m also not really enamored of scrubbing the tub. I’ve injured my knees so many times in my lifetime, so kneeling is exceedingly painful, which makes cleaning the bathtub a job I’d rather not do…ever.

No. 3:  Cleaning out the refrigerator.. Are you sensing a theme here? Yeah. I don’t like cleaning. If finances would allow, I would cheerfully pay someone to do the job for me. I tend to get testy when I run into someone who assumes Rerigerator Unsplashthat because I’m female, I automatically like to clean, but there are a few neanderthals out there who actually believe that. I know woman who enjoy cleaning, but I must confess that I don’t understand that. I do, however, acknowledge their right to like whatever they choose, no matter how illogical it may seem to me.

No. 4: Weeding. Okay, I’ve pretty much given this one up already, but I’ve done plenty of it in my lifetime. Before I moved to Florida, I used to enjoy working in my flowerbeds, and as long as I kept up with them, the weeding wasn’t too bad. There was a time, however, when I also had a very large vegetable garden. I think we had a 1/2-acre lot and most of it was the garden. I Weed Unsplashlived in that house because my boyfriend at the time wanted the garden. We moved into the house and about 3 months later, he moved out, leaving me to tend that huge old garden on my own. It was overrun with weeds, and though I spent hours every day trying to get them under control, I failed miserably. I still have nightmares about it. Here in Florida, it’s too hot and humid for mortals to work outside in the garden. I do know a very few people who actually do yard work but they are obviously not mortals. Most of us pay someone with a riding mower and lots of electric tools at their disposal to take care of the outside from about April to October. Plus, it’s too hot for flowers to grow in the summer, so the job requires mowing, edging, weed-whacking, and trimming bushes–no weeding by hand, which makes me deliriously happy

Groceries UnsplashNo. 5: I just glanced at the blog prompt and realized it was supposed to be one task. I guess I’ve overdone it, but now that I’ve rambled about four hated tasks, I might as well finish. I’ve probably given you the impression that I’m a lazy git–and it’s true in some ways. I’m not averse to hard word, but I prefer my hard work to be mental rather than physical. Plus, I hate to sweat, so I never willingly do anything that will cause me to perspire. The last task I’d give up is carrying in the groceries. I don’t mind shopping. I don’t even mind putting the stuff away so much, but the back-and-forthing required to get it all from the car into the house makes me nuts. I appreciate the person at the store offering to help me get the groceries from the store to my car, but it’s not necessary. I have a cart. It’s not a difficult job. It’s a home where I want the help.


So there you have it — five tasks I’d give up in a heartbeat if I could. What tasks would you give up if you had the chance?

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2 thoughts on “5 Tasks I’d Give Up in a Heartbeat — #MFRWauthor Week 11

  1. Helen Henderson says:

    Love the list. Cleaning and carrying groceries seem to be the front runners in tasks to eliminate. even if we get the groceries delivered to the car you still have to carry them into the house so that groceries are a double task.

  2. Mary J. McCoy-Dressel says:

    A friend gave me a fold-up shopping cart. To save my back, I use that to carry in groceries now, but I still have to lift the bags. If I remember, I tell them not to pack the bags too heavy, but then I lift two of them. Sigh. I don’t mind cleaning the bathroom other than the tub and tile. Like you, these days I’d rather use mental energy.

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