16 Books Just 99 Cents Each


Happy Holidays, everyone! In case you haven’t heard, I’ve recently lowered the price on 16 full-length novels from my backlist on Kindle to just 99⊄each. I’m going to leave them at that price at least until the end of the year, (and, to be perfectly honest–no sense playing coy–if the response is good, I may leave them that low after the New Year, too.)

I’ve been trying to create a link to my author page on Amazon where you can ind all 16 books that I’ve priced at just 99⊄ for three days, but the lovely Universal link isn’t working on Twitter, so I’ve thrown in the towel and am trying a work-around so I’m gathering them all together here.

Clicking on the cover of each book should take you to its Amazon page in whatever country is local for you. If you try the links and they don’t work, please let me know. Just comment on this post.

You can pick up all four time travel romance novels …

A Time to Dream Tiny          Whispers Through Time Tiny          An Echo in Time Tiny          Only Time Will Tell Tiny

Six contemporary romance novels…

This Montana Home Tiny    For the Babys Sake Tiny    Keeping Her Safe Tiny    Let it Snow Tiny    That Woman in Wyoming Tiny   Mr Congeniality Tiny

and all six books in the Fred Vickery mystery series..

No Place for Secrets Tiny    No Place Like Home Tiny    No Place for Death Tiny    No Place for Tears Tiny    No Place for Sin Tiny   No Place for Memories Tiny

You can learn more about each book by clicking on the “My Books” tab above and then following the links to the blurb and an excerpt from each book. Each of the books is also available in paperback, if you prefer, though I’m sorry to say the price is higher for reasons I’m sure you all understand.

Bells 01I’m grateful to each one of you, my readers, some of whom will have been reading my books for more than 20 years. I always figure, the more the merrier, so please feel free to share this post with any of your reader friends who might be interested.

Looking forward to some new books coming in 2018, including the second book in the new Scarlett O’Malley series. Its working title is Dead Wrong, though that may change. anyway,  sign up for my newsletter to be the first to hear the news.

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