Tinkerbell and Aramis — #MFRWauthor

It’s Friday already, which means it’s time for the blog posts for week #43 of the Marketing for Romance Writers 52-Week Blog Challenge. This week’s prompt is Meet My Pets.

This is one of the rare blog prompts that I find really easy to write about. I have pets, and I can introduce them to you. Easy.

Tinkerbell01First, let me introduce you to Tinkerbell, our 3 year-old Calico, also known as Miss Belle, or Belle, or She Who Shall Not Be Touched. You can pet her if you want to, but you may not have a hand afterward. Proceed at your own risk.

We were adopted by Tinkerbell shortly after Older Daughter’s older cat, Pandora, passed away. Pandora was also a Calico, also a Cat With Attitude. As any pet lover can imagine, Older Daughter was distraught. We stumbled along for a few days with just our black Lab, Angel, for company, but Angel was also distraught at the loss of her companion. A friend had happened upon n box of abandoned kittens a couple of days earlier, so when she saw the news about Pandora, she texted to ask if we would be interested in the kitten who looked most like Pandora. We said yes, and Tinkerbell came to live with us.

Angel Tink 02She had spent the first few days of her new life known as “Cami” because her favorite place to sleep was on a camouflage fleece throw, but when she came to our house, where there was no camouflage throw, everything changed. Maybe because she was being bugged by a huge black Lab who wanted to play all the time, and maybe just because it was her personality, Tinkerbell raced around the house like a madwoman. I don’t think she ever willingly went to sleep for the first few weeks of her life with us.Because she was more fairy than feline, we named her Tinkerbell.

Before long, she and Angel were best of friends. They  raced around the house chasing each other, which made Angel so happy. She’d been raised by a cat who used to let her carry him around with his head in her moutth (shudder0 but Pandora wasn’t into playig with the dog. Tinkerbell’s play thrilled Angel, and Angel’s play delighted Tinkerbell. It was a match made in heaven.

And then, tragically, just a few months later, Angel passed away. Losing her devastated me at such a level, I didn’t want to add any new pets to the house for most of that year. Tinkerbell was okay because she had loved Angel and she missed Angel as much as I di, but I didn’t feel up to anyone new.. Tinkerbell’s favorite place to sleep became the spot on the floor where Angel took her last breath.

And then one day in early November, almost exactly two years ago, I was helping with a food pantry at a local church and someone came inside carrying two tiny kittens. I refused to even look closely at them, knowing I still wasn’t ready for a new pet. But I couldn’t ignore the fact that Tinkerbell, who was supposed to be Older Daughter’s cat, had decided she preferred me and had also decreed that Older Daughter was not allowed to touch her except on very special occasions. So Older Daughter, whose grief over losing Pandora was supposed to be heaaled by Tinkerbell, was still catless. That wasn’t right, and I knew it

Baby New KittySo when someone decided they would take the female of the pair but emphatically did not want her brother, what choice did I have? I put that tiny little cat, whose tail looked more like mouse than cat, into a box, took him to my daughter’s office, and introduced them. Despite his tiny size, he quickly revealed his swashbuckling personality, which earned him the name Aramis, after Older Daughter favorite of the Three Musketeers.

He’s been part of our family for two years now, and although we kept expecting that he would grow up and become a huge tomcat, he’s remained relatively small. He’s still a swashbuckler who loves to watch animal shows and Americas Funniest Videos on TV, and he’s very vocal. I mean very vocal. If he’s awake, he’s usually talking, which is sometimes a bit frustrating and annoying., but whatcha gonna do? The cat obviously has things to say.

Aramis and TinkerbellI’d like to report that he and Tinkerbell have become besst friends and are inseparable, but only one of those things is true. They are inseparable because Aramis is fascinated by Tinkerbell and stalks her constantly. Tinkerbell wants nothing to do with him, except on very special occasions. This is about as close as he is ever allowed to get to her without a lot of growling on her part. There was probably growling going on here, too, but Older Daughter was quick enough with her phone to capture the picture.

One of these days, I may get another dog. There are times when my heart aches for a companion as loyal and faithful as Angel was, but I still don’t have it i me to go looking for a “replacement.” When the time is right, I’m sure it will happen. Life has a way of working out as it’s meant to.

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10 thoughts on “Tinkerbell and Aramis — #MFRWauthor

  1. storimom2 says:

    LOL….we’ve had our cat now for a year, and thankfully the Pit Bull tolerates her presence. The granddaughter, on the other hand, causes her to run away to the basement when she comes home from school! We discovered later the granddaughter had observed her relatives on her dad’s side thinking it was ‘fun’ to throw a cat in front of a dog and watch the chase. We put a stop to that behavior at our house, but Jelly Bean now steers clear, just in case.

  2. Meka James says:

    It can be hard to get a new pet when one passes. You have to take time to grieve.

    My daughter’s first cat is not too fond of her new brother. LOL It’s been about 6 months. She’s still ‘warming up’ to him.

  3. Mary J. McCoy-Dressel says:

    I’m in the “not adding any more pets to the house” stage right now. So sorry for the loss of Angel. I haven’t met a lab that wasn’t a sweetie. Tinkerbell and Aramis look like they’re sizing each other up, hence, the probable growling we can’t hear. They’re both cuties.

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