Inspire Me! — #MFRWauthor

Welcome to week #41 of the Marketing for Romance Writers 52-week blog challenge. This week’s prompt is My Blogging Inspiration.


I could make this post short and sweet by saying right now, this challenge is my blogging inspiration. But that would hardly make it worth the effort you spent clicking on my link, so I’ll try to expound a little bit more.

Variety 01 UnsplashI may have mentioned before that I’m easily bored. I love variety. I like variety in my menus, variety in my activities, variety in my friends. I like variety in movies and TV. I don’t read the same kinds of books all the time, nor do I write the same kinds of books all the time If I write two romance novels in a row, I feel as if I’m repeating myself, and I feel the same way about writing two mystery novels in a row. I need to change things up…all the time.

That’s been one of my biggest challenges in establishing a regular blogging schedule in the past. First of all, I don’t think many people would find my day-to-day thoughts compelling. Second of all, I can’t find a “theme” that I can maintain for any length of time. I don’t like reviewing other people’s work, although I will on occasion. I find that talking about my writing process kills something for me, so I try to avoid posting about what’s happening in a book as I write it.

Variety 02 UnsplashAfter more than 20 years of teaching writing classes and critiquing for other writers, I’ve probably said everything I know about writing in general a gazillion times, so I don’t feel as if I have anything new to say.

Until recently, I didn’t even have a hobby, anymore. I used to do counted cross-stitch a lot, but it’s not so easy to see those tiny little squares anymore, and crocheting afghans in Florida? Forget it! It never gets cool enough here to tolerate having a heavy blanket on my lap as I work. Recently, though, I’ve started keeping an art journal, so you may get an occasional post about how much fun I’m having with that.

I do occasionally write a “Behind the Scenes” blog post about the writing of a particular book on my back list, and I also like to learn random facts about the locations I’ve used for a book or some other aspect related to the book, like vintage clothing, or cake artistry, or candy-making, or the State of Colorado.

Variety 04 UnsplashBasically, I try to think about the kind of blog post that would hold my interest, and then I write that. And that changes from day to day, which is one reason this blog challenge is good for me. While some of the topics have overlapped, most of them have given me a chance to run off in different directions each week, and that’s what’s kept me coming back for 41 weeks in a row.

What will I do when this challenge is over? Hope really hard that I find another blog challenge that will keep me going into next year, or that some brilliant flash of inspiration hits me upside the head around January 1st!

I’ll be interested to see where other the bloggers find their inspiration. Make sure you check out their links below.

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11 thoughts on “Inspire Me! — #MFRWauthor

  1. Meka James says:

    Yep. Sounds like me. You don’t want to be bored writing the post because that’ll mean you’re boring your readers. And that is never a good thing. Hopefully you’ll find another blog challenge like this one for next year.

  2. Helen Henderson says:

    Thanks for the idea of the behind the scenes posts for backlists. And just because you’ve given the same lecture multiple times doesn’t mean it isn’t new for someone. And you don’t have to always post it on your blog. I don’t get out to other sites most, but if it hadn’t been for the challenge, I think I would have posted more on than on my own blog.

  3. storimom2 says:

    I love ‘Behind the Scenes’ posts!

    One of my major complaints about blog tours is that authors would have the same post on every ‘stop’ of the tour. I liked to mix it up; character interviews, deleted scenes, and ‘what-was-going-on-when-I-wrote-this’ posts.

  4. RobinMichaela says:

    I’m hoping MFRW does this challenge again next year or that I can find another challenge somewhere. Meanwhile, thanks for some ideas about what to write if I can’t find ready-made topics. 🙂

  5. Ellie Mack says:

    I”m hoping they do this challenge next year, maybe then I can manage every post! I love the idea of behind the scenes posts, and just like that – inspiration comes from thievery! LOL SEriously, I would have to read a few of yours before I would take the idea.
    BTW- if you are interested in doing a flash fiction challenge, I’m going to be hosting one on my blog for December and January.

  6. Mary J. McCoy-Dressel says:

    I also love the idea of “behind the scenes” posts. This blog hop has helped me in posting more often, but I haven’t made every week like some of you. It would be nice to see it come back next year. Cheers to you flash fiction writers. I think I’d fail.

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