5 Keys To My Heart — #MFRWauthor

It’s Friday! Time for another installment of the Marketing for Romance Writers 52-Week Blog Challenge. It’s week 37, and this week’s prompt is Five Ways to Win My Heart.

I have to say one thing about the prompts MFRW has given us: they almost always make me think. I can think of a couple of ways to win my heart off the top of my head, but iive?

I guess I’ll get started with the easy one:

KKey 01 Unsplashey #1: “Special Drinks.” I’ve blogged about them before here soI won’t spent a lot of time today talking about my love of “special” drinks, but surprising me with a Diet Blackberry Limeade is definitely a key to my heart.

Key #2 Books. This really shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone. If you want to unlock my hert, understand my love of books, appreciate the books I write, buy me booKey 06 Wikiks, give me money to buy books. Understand that the movie is never better than the book, and if I’ve read the book, chances are I won’t enjoy the movie if I wttch it. There are some rare exceptions, but they are rare. Most of all don’tt tell (as one boyfriend did) me to put down the book and watch TV like a “normal” person. Reading is normal. If reading isn’t normal to you, you might as well just move on.

Key #3: Family: Understand and respect how important my family is to me. My daughters and I are extremely close. We generally talk every day, although on rare occasions, a day or Key 03 Unsplashtwo might slip by without a phone call. My grandkids absolutely own my heart, My kids and grandkids are as essential to me as the air I breathe. Even when they were younger, I was never one of those parents who looked forward to time spent away from my kids, and having my grandkids around is never a hardship or a burden. Understand, accept and respect this about me, and you’ve found one of the keys to my heart.

Key 02 UnsplashKey #4: Have an Open Mind: If we’re going to get along, you’ll need to be open to new ideas, willing to learn about other people, able to respect and understand beliefs that are different than your own. I don’t need you to adopt another belief system or change what you think (unless you choose to), but I do need you to be open-minded enough to at least entertain and discuss and honestly consider where the other guy is coming from. ‘


Key #5: Have a Sense of Humor: The ability to laugh and to make me laugh is absolutely essential. I’m not much for slapstick comedy, nor do I think things are funny with are rooted in disrespect for someone else, although sarcastic observations about the human experience in general frequently make me laugh. I like intelligent humor and I apprecite witty people, as long as that wit isn’t mean-spirited. I don’t laugh at other people’s physical misfortune, so I don’t videos of people falling down or getting his in sensitive areas of the body, and people who do mean things to animals fall short of the “funny” mark on my list. So if you enjoy videos of parents who tell their kids they ate all the Halloween candy or who scare the family cat or dog, I won’t be handing over the key to my heart anytime soon. ‘

I can’t guarantee any one of these keys would work on their own. It’s much more likely that a person would need a combination of some kind, but there, to the best of my ability, is my list.

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