Looking Forward, But Not All That Eagerly — #MFRWauthor

It’s Friday, which makes it Week 32 of the MFRW 52-Week blog challenge. There have been some tough topics to tackle in the previous weeks, but if ever there was a prompt that made me want to bail on the challenge, this is it. Today’s prompt: 10 Years From Now…

Mountains 01 Unsplash smallIn the past, I probably would have approached this week’s prompt eagerly. I’m all about having dreams and setting goals. I would have enjoyed predicting where I’d be in 10, 15 or 20 years. But I’m not 20 or even30 anymore, and in 10 years I’ll be…well, 10 years older than I am now. Health issues the past couple of years have made me feel every one of the years I’ve accumulated so far. I’m not looking forward to tacking on another 10.

Except I don’t much like the idea of the alternative either. So I guess I need to look forward, don’t I?

Graduation Unsplash smallTen years from now, my grandkids will be old enough to have graduated from high school. I experienced some culture shock when Older Daughter graduated (How could I be old enough to have a child who’d graduated from high school?) and again when Younger Daughter graduated (My BABY was now out of high school? Oh my Gosh!?!) Their graduations were 12 years apart, so the culture shock was real both times.

I imagine I’ll experience something similar, and probably even more stinging, when the grandkids graduate and step out into the world as adults. They’re growing up, of course, and my relationship with them changes all the time, but there are milestones that hit hard and make a person take stock–like when they become teenagers or start junior high school, or, you know, graduate.

Exercize 02 Unsplash smallTen years from now, I hope I’m in better physical shape than I am right now. Of course, that will require me to actually get up and do something about it, which is always the struggle for someone who was born to be sedentary. And trust me, I was born to this.

As a kid, when my mother led us on nature walks during camping trips, I complained so much it still remains a joke between Mom and me. She’s 92 and has lost a lot of her memory, but me hating nature walks she remembers. But I’m really unhappy with how I feel right now, so maybe that will be motivation enough to get me up and moving. In fact, I hope to feel better by this time next year than I do now. I want to be in better shape when the grandkids come next summer.

hands-typingTen years from now I hope I’m still writing. I hope my mind is still sharp enough and my eyesight keen enough to write and read books. I hope I’m adding new books to my body of work on a regular basis … but I hope I’m writing them just for fun by that time. I’d love for money and sell-throughs and sales figures to not be an issue at that point. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Autumn 03 Unsplash smallTen years from now, I hope my family is still healthy and happy, and that I still have good friends around me. I hope I’m living near my family instead of so far away. I hope I’m living somewhere with seasons again. I miss them. When people start posting about loving a world where there’s an October, I confess to suffering October-envy. Yes, Florida has an October, but it’s not October! After 8 years I am learning to tune into the very subtle shifts around here that signal the change of seasons, though, so that helps a bit.

I hope I can look back on the decade and think how fun and peaceful it was. I hope the world has become a kinder place to live. I hope that with all our talk of tolerance and acceptance, we actually start practicing a bit of it for the other guy instead of just expecting it for ourselves.

With all the things I hope are different, there are some things that I hope remain the same.

I hope I can still find humor in life, even in tough situations, because that’s what’s gotten me through up to this point. I hope my daughters and I are still insanely close, that my grandkids still adore me and want to spend time with me. I hope I haven’t started taking myself too seriously and that I am still seeking Cabin 06 Unsplash smalljoy every day..

Oh! One more dream before I’m through–  If I can be living in a place like this, that would be just lovely!

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9 thoughts on “Looking Forward, But Not All That Eagerly — #MFRWauthor

  1. Cathy Brockman says:

    In Ten Years My Grandaughter will be graduating college and grandson from high school. I love your post and hope you feel better soon!

  2. Linda McLaughlin says:

    Sherry, a lot of what you said resonated with me, including missing October. I was 14 when we moved to So. Calif. and I still miss the beautiful fall color we got back in Pennsylvania. Not that I want to go back to that climate, but I’d love to take a trip back east in the fall.

    I hope your health holds up and the writing becomes more joyous and profitable. At this moment, I just hope we all have a future that doesn’t include a big war.

  3. Ellie Mack says:

    Both of my kids are college aged, I keep wondering how did this happen? I mean, I know but it doesn’t seem possible. LOL – I too seem to have been born for sedentary. I know I feel better when I am active, but getting there. OY!
    IT is one of my goals though, to get up and move daily and work towards being healthier.
    Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Meka James says:

    Wonderful post! I understand that culture shock. My oldest graduated college in May and I can say I have a college graduate as a daughter! Like where did the time go? How is that possible?

    I too want to be in better shape than I am now. I find that I’ve gotten lazier and lazier over the years since I no longer work a full-time job. It’s too easy to make excuses for not doing something.

  5. alinakfield says:

    I truly get that missing October business! We have subtle seasonal changes in southern California, but I’m so ready to leave this state and move back to four seasons. If only I can get the kids to come along, because I sure would miss them.

  6. RobinMichaela says:

    I know what you mean about your kids aging and “how did that happen?”. I think like that all the time! I also understand your October reference – I was born and raised in south Florida and I LOVE having seasons where I live now. I hope all your wishes come true!

  7. Helen Henderson says:

    Love the post and the cabin. Culture shock. It’s not when the youngest graduates high school, or even college. It’s when the youngest turns 50. You can’t claim to be 50 anymore when the daughter is. And when the family moves two generations that there are great-grandchildren? Well, it is more than just new terminology. see y’all in 10 years.

  8. Mary J. McCoy-Dressel says:

    I’ve always wanted a log home, Sherry. I hope you get yours one day. My boys graduated only five years apart and it was difficult for me. First, it was, well, my first born, and the second was my baby. I’m with you with hoping to have the ability to continue to write and read in ten years.

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