13 Things That Begin With X, Y or Z

I’ve been practicing my procrastination skills with this blog post. Coming up with 13 things even remotely attached to my life that begin with these three letters feels like an impossible task, and so I’ve been avoiding it. But while I’m adept at procrastination, I also, eventually, get around to fulfilling my obligations, even if the only person I’m obligated to is myself.

While I’m sure there’s nobody out there on pins and needles waiting for me to finish this little project, I promised myself I would, and so here we are.

Desert 01 Unsplash xmzll#1 Xeric: I came from what I believe is a xeric area, which is to say that it’s extremely dry or arid. Not all of Utah is that way, of course. The mountains are quite green and beautiful. But the Salt Lake valley is definitely desert, even though in many ways it has bloomed like a rose.

#2 X-rays: I’ve had a few in my life, at the dentist, of course, when I broke my arm as a child, and when I was in labor with Oldest Daughter. The doctor was worried that she was too big to be born the “natural” way, and wondered if I needed a C-section. From the X-ray, she determined that the baby was around 8 1/2 pounds and decided to let things go. Turns out, she was wrong–off by nearly 2 pounds, which made for a very long time in the delivery room.

dinner party 01 unsplash small#3 Xeniel: I think I enjoy xeniel relationships with many people. What?!? This isn’t a word you use in everyday conversation? Okay, I don’t use it, either, but when I found it, I decided it applied.

The adjective xenial is used to describe a friendly relationship between two parties, in particular between a hospitable host and his or her guests, or diplomatically between two countries.

#4 Yard: When I was a kid, my favorite place to play was in my backyard. I was, according to my mom, a homebody, who would have been happy if all my friends had come to me so I didn’t have to go to them. But who can blame me? My parents created a kid’s dream yard at my house. We had a swing-set, on which we played Swing Base, a sandbox, which attracted kids from blocks away, a substantial amount of lawn for playing anything else we wanted, including croquet, and a clothesline, on which we could build blanket tents. Why would any kid in their right mind ever want to leave it?

Yarn 01 Unslash small#5 Yarn: I used to spend a lot of my free time working on counted cross-stitch projects and crocheting. My favorite gift to give was a homemade crocheted afghan. When I lived in a colder climate, I used afghans all winter long, Now that I’m living in Florida, I’ve abandoned both the creating of the afghans and the using of them, but I still have a healthy stash of yarn on hand just in case.

#6 Yams: I’m a bit particular, I’ll admit, when it comes to yams and sweet potatoes. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, they are not the same thing. At all. A yam has a darker skin and darker inner flesh than a sweet potato, and their textures when baked are very different. For that reason, a sweet potato should always be used in recipes like candied sweet potatoes, sweet potato pie, and sweet potato fries. A yam, however, is delicious when baked, loaded up with real butter. Just…you know…sayin’.

Calendar Year Pub Don 01 snall#7 Years: I have lived through a few of them. Do I have a favorite? I don’t think so. Older Daughter and I were talking about that a few nights ago, in a different context, and we realized that if you were able to turn back the clock to a time when you thought life was perfect, for example, you’d soon realize it wasn’t perfect at all. If we were to turn back the clock to a time when loved ones we’ve lost in recent years were there, then loved ones who’ve been born in recent years wouldn’t be here. Some years were better than others, of course. I’m particularly not fond of the years 1979, 1989, and 1999,  but 2009 was a pretty good year. That’s the year the Pixie was born.

#8 Yak: I don’t know what you call little mounds of cat throw-up deposited about the house, but in my house it’s “yak.” My oldest cat, Tinkerbell, has a sensitive stomach, so she makes frequent yak deposits for my cleaning-up pleasure. Feeding her food for sensitive tummies helps a bit, but not entirely, and she appears to have an odd allergy to fish-flavored cat treats, but not, thank goodness, to actual fish.

#9 YouTube: While I don’t watch a lot of YouTube on my own, I do occasionally pop over there to watch something. I’ve actually subscribed to Alex Boyé’s channel because his music makes me happy, and I’ll nip over to watch snippets from late-night comedy shows once in a while, although I started avoiding the shows themselves when the election got into full swing and haven’t gone back. Mostly, though, I watch videos via the links my granddaughter, the Princess, sends me. I love that she wants to share them with me, and I think she likes that I’ll watch them and then talk to her about them. I get links to a lot of Harry Potter-related videos these days.

#10 Zippers: I am not a sewer. Oh, I know how to sew, but I don’t really do a lot of sewing. I think I’d enjoy it more if (a) I had a sewing machine (which I do have, stashed at my sister’s house). When I bring it home, I want to have room to spread out, cut out, space out, leave the ironing board up, and leave the project heaped about overnight when I’m not working on it. But I digress… The point is, zippers, which are the hardest thing about sewing in my humble opinion. I’m wonder if, after all these years of not sewing, I’ll remember how to put a zipper in first-try, or if I’ll have to do a lot of unpicking in the beginning.

Accordion 01 Unsplash small#11 Zydeco: I listened to a lot of zydeco music while writing the Piece of Cake mysteries, and I used the name Zydeco as the name of Rita’s cake shop in the series. If you’re not familiar with zydeco music, it’s very distinctive, with a fast tempo and usually dominated by the accordion.

#12 Zombies: Unlike a lot of people, I am neither worried about nor fascinated by zombies. I’ve never seen a single episode of The Walking Dead, nor do I have any plans to watch it anytime soon. Yes, I hear good things. It’s just not my thing.

#13 Yawning: I do a lot of it. Probably too much of it. Once I get started, I can’t ever seem to stop. And you know how contagious yawning is. Now that I’ve thought about it, I’ve started doing it. But, hey! I made it to 13 things. I’ve completed the alphabet. I think that’s cause for celebration!


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