13 Things that Begin with “T”


Here they are: 13 things from my world that begin with “T” in no particular order.)

 1) Tuna: Not the fancy, expensive kind, but the kind in a can. I have it for lunch almost every day. Sometimes this is by choice. Sometimes it’s out of necessity. I either make it into a sandwich or a salad with cabbage. A little cheese and a little green onion and I’m good to go.

2) Tempo: I come from a musical family, so I learned about tempo and rhythm at a very young age. These days, the tempo and rhythm of dialogue in a book is as important to me as playing the correct tempo on a piece of sheet music.

tomatoes small3) Tomatoes: I love tomatoes grown in a real garden. but grocery store tomatoes? Meh. When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, my then-husband planted some tomato plants. He watched those things bud, cared for them with loving kindness, weeded, watered, and waited while the tiny new tomatoes formed. He couldn’t wait to eat his first tomato. Finally, after much waiting and watching, a few tomatoes ripened. Only too bad for him, because he was at work when I noticed those beautiful red things hanging on the vine. I did mention that I was pregnant, right? Heavily pregnant. Like 8 months pregnant after having gone through a long, hot summer and so much morning sickness, I ended up in the hospital with dehydration. When he came home from work, the tomatoes were gone and I was very happy. I know it was horrible of me. I should have at least saved one for him…but I was pregnant! and those tomatoes…

4) Travel: I love to travel. I love to visit hew places, meet new people, learn new customs, see new things, try new foods. My favorite type of travel is a road trip. I love the freedom of keeping my own schedule, stopping when I want to, lingering as long as I want to, or skipping by anything that doesn’t interest me.

money-pub-dom5) Trustee: For many years, before I became a full-time writer, I worked at a law office. My boss was a trustee in bankruptcy, a Chapter 7 trustee for a while, and then the only trustee for Chapter 13 bankruptcies in our district. She later went on to become a judge, and I moved to the court with her as her judicial assistant. To this day, though, I have dreams about calculating the disbursements of the money people paid to our office to be distributed to their creditors.  Even though it could be stressful and demanding, I actually liked the work.

6) Tornadoes: I’ve only actually seen one of them in my lifetime, and unbelievably, it was in Utah, where tornadoes aren’t really a thing. My oldest daughter and I were on the campus of the University of Utah when a tornado hit down in the valley. We watched it, not realizing what it was until later. Now we live in an area where tornado watches and warnings are entirely too common to suit me. They still freak me out a bit, although not nearly as much as they did when we first moved here.

treadmill7) Treadmill: I have one. On occasion, I use it, although not often enough.

8) Teaching: For many years, I’ve taught writing classes, first in person in my living room then in other people’s homes to groups of writers they gathered, then for writer’s groups in the area, and finally online. I enjoyed it for a long time, and still do it occasionally, although not as frequently as I once did.

9) TV: I am not one of those people who turns their noses up at TV. I actually like TV quite a lot. I love stories, and I’m not particularly fussy about the medium used to deliver them. I watch a little reality TV, although not as much as some, I guess. Currently, some of my favorite shows are Victoria, The Crown, Longmire, Midsomer Murders, and Poldark. 

10) Twitter: I’ve been on Facebook for a long time, and have had a Twitter account for almost as long, but it has taken me much longer to become fond of Twitter than it did Facebook–probably because saying anything in only 140 characters is a challenge!

phone11) Technology: I love technology. I love how much the world has changed since I was a girl, although  it’s not all good. I love that technology has made it possible for me to talk to people at any time of the day or night about anything at all, no matter how trivial, without spending a fortune. When my kids were little, their grandparents could only call on weekends or late at night when the long-distance rates went down, and even then, we had to watch the clock to make sure we didn’t talk for too long. Today, I can talk to my grandkids several times a day if I want to. Just last night, I read a book with my youngest granddaughter while she was in the car with her mom driving to Walmart. Two days ago, I read stories about ancestors uploaded onto my ancestry.com account aloud to my mom who lives 2,000 miles away.

528744_4002830232946_1346816821_3598075_774147364_n12) Tide: This one’s on the list because it’s not a factor in my life, although I expected it would be when I moved to a small town on the beach. I thought high- and low-tide would be important bits of information, included in the daily news. They’re not. Wave height is often mentioned, but around here, nobody seems to care when the tide comes in and goes out. It still strikes me as odd.

13) Truth: It’s something I prize highly.


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