Workshop in March: Leaping Over Stumbling Blocks

For those who haven’t heard, I’m teaching an online workshop in March for the Utah Chapter of Romance Writers of America. Registration is open. Time’s flying by. Hope to see you there!

Leaping Over Stumbling Blocks. Online Class with Sherry Lewis
Date: March 1-31, 2017
Cost: URWA Member $20 Non-Member $25

They take many shapes, and we all run into them from time to time during our writing careers. They are those horrid stumbling blocks that have us writing the wrong things or that keep us from writing anything at all while we struggle to get past them. Whether we get stuck on one plot point, or run into a wall with writing in general, stumbling blocks affect all of us. In this workshop we look at the stumbling blocks we all face, how they show up, and discuss ways to get past them and back on track.

Instructor Bio:

Sherry Lewis is an award-winning career writer with more than 30 published books to her credit. Her books include here traditional mystery series, as well as contemporary and time travel romance and romantic suspense. A long-time member of Romance Writers of America, Sherry has taught writing classes both on-line and in person for more than two decades. Her focus is an honest, sympathetic approach toward producing a manuscript that will be marketable in today’s changing publishing industry.

To register:


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