13 Things that Begin with “Q”


I have put this blog post off for a long time now because finding 13 things in my life that begin with the letter Q is difficult, to say the least. But I’ve decided to give it a shot. Let’s see how many I can get legitimately and how far I have to stretch to get there:

Here they are in no particular order:

oatmeal-unsplash1: Quaker Oats: Or any other brand of hot oat cereal for that matter. I cannot eat it. I never could. When I was a kid, just the thought of oatmeal made me gag. For the record, I feel the same way about any hot cereal.

2: Quizzes: Okay, I’ll admit to liking the quizzes you see on Facebook, especially if I’m trying not to write If I’m facing a particularly difficult scene or I’m not sure where to go next in a book, or I can’t quite get myself where I think I need to be, I may find it imperative to figure out which Bob Ross Painting r which Disney princess I am

quilt CC small3: Quilts: I love them. I have always wanted to make them, but I’m afraid I don’t have enough patience with the craft of sewing to actually do it. I love looking at quilts other people have made, however, and I would never turn down the gift of one. You know, just in case someone out there was thinking of giving me one.

dsc010404: Quaking Aspen:  Oh yeah. I’m taking this one. You can leave off the word “quaking” if you want to, but it’s too descriptive for me to leave off. And, yeah, it starts with Q. Whatever you want to call them, I love these trees. Just the thought of the sound their leaves make as they shiver in a mountain breeze makes me long for home. They don’t grow where I’m currently living, and I miss them horribly.

5: Quiche: I’ve never made one, but I do enjoy eating them. In fact, it may be fair to say that I’ve never met a Quiche I didn’t like.

6: Quorum: Back in the day, when I was serving on the board of directors of Romance Writers of America, the need for a quorum was on my radar. We couldn’t do business as a board without one. We couldn’t do business as an organization at our Annual General Meeting without one. The quorum doesn’t play a part in the everyday lives of most people, however.

7: Quotes: I enjoy reading and hearing quotes by other people and frequently like to share them on Facebook and Twitter.

grammar8: Quirks: I have a few, as does everyone, I believe. What are mine? For one thing, a misplaced apostrophe will get my dander up faster than a lot of things. It’s bad enough when someone from the general public misuses the apostrophe, posting a sign advertising Plum’s for sale or Watch’s fixed here, but writers and teachers really ought to know better. But maybe that’s not a quirk. Maybe that just makes me…

9: Quarrelsome: I’m perfectly capable of being quarrelsome, but the older i get, the more wearing quarreling makes me. Maybe it’s just because I realize that I’m never going to change your mind with a quarrel, and you sure aren’t going to change mine, so there’s just no point in indulging. I have been known to change my mind after a discussion and an exchange of ideas, but never as the result of a quarrel.

10:  Qatar: When he was in the military, my son-in-law spent time during at least one deployment here. I’ve never been, so this is really on the fringes of my world, but I’m counting it.

quail-cc11: Quail:  When I was a teenager, we lived in a house on a hill in Utah. A good portion of our back yard was covered in scrub oak, and in the scrub oak lived numerous quail. It wasn’t unusual to look out the window and see a family of birds scurrying across the lawn or to encounter them on the garden path.

12: Quarter: Okay, yes, I’m stretching here. The quarter is my favorite coin. They’re easy to find in a wallet or pocket and they add up into spendable cash quickly. What’s not to love

13: Quit: I made it! 13 things that begin with the letter Q that have at least some tie to my actual life. That means I get to quit writing this blog post. That connection seems a bit too tenuous to qualify, so I’ll end this post with a legitimate reference to a time I quit something. It was years ago when I was working on my second mystery and my third romance novels. Two editors from one house (my editor and the senior editor there) called me on the phone one day to discuss the book I’d just turned in. They didn’t like my attempts at humor, and they advised me not to try to be funny in the future.

I was so disheartened, I quit writing as soon as the phone call was over. The very next morning, my editor from the other publisher called to discuss the book I’d recently turned in to her. She loved my humor and laughed aloud over several things I’d included in the book. I felt so much better, I un-quit and resumed my writing career. And here I am, all these years later, still going strong-ish and still making every effort to be funny when something feels funny to me.

My advice? Whatever you’re doing, don’t quit just because someone says something that makes you doubt yourself. Keep going. Try again. Try a different tack. Come at it from another direction. Don’t keep doing the same thing in the same way and expect different results. Try something new. Try something different. But don’t quit.

photo credit: Jayne ~ Twiggy & Opal Detail. via photopin (license)
photo credit: Conor Lawless DSC_1401_edited via photopin (license)


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