13 Things that Begin with “P”

Posting this early since Thursday is a holiday here in the US…

13 things in my world that begin with “P” in no particular order:

1)  Piano — Years ago, before my dad died, my parents wanted to give me a gift so I could remember them — because, you know, without a gift one is likely to forget their parents. Anyway, that’s how I got my piano, which is the inanimate object in my house I care about the most. My mom was a piano teacher for years and years, so naturally I learned how to play the piano. I’m moderately good, I suppose, when I practice but I let too much time go by without practicing.

Painting Supplies small2) Painting — Another talent I wish I possessed. Bob Ross always made it look so easy! But long before Bob Ross showed up on PBS, I used to fantasize about being a painter. My organic efforts have been a gigantic failure, but one of these days, I’ll take classes and show the world what I’m made of!

3) Photography — If I weren’t an author, I would want to be a photographer. Unfortunately, I have neither the eye nor the patience to take pictures of the quality I’d like. My artistic vision far outweighs my ability. Then again, maybe if I had better equipment…

4) Palm trees — There are quite a few of them where I live,. They don’t grow here naturally, but they do well when they’re planted. I’ve learned that palm trees are the drama queens of trees and folks who aren’t familiar with them shouldn’t be overly distressed by images on the news of palms flinging themselves about in a tropical storm. They do that in a stiff breeze, too. They’re nothing like a solid pine or an oak  or maple tree. Palms do make for dramatic footage for the media, but they’re not be the most reliable way to gauge the severity of a storm.

pluto5) Pluto — my favorite Disney character. I adore that little doggy bump on the top of his head. For some reason, he just touches my heart.

6) Pie — It’s almost Thanksgiving, so I wouldn’t feel right about posting P words without including pie. I’m not a fan of the traditional pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, although to show my patriotism, I will eat a small piece as long as it’s loaded with whipped cream. I much prefer mince (also similarly loaded) or my mom’s strawberry-rhubard pie. I find apple pie a bit bland unless it’s Dutch apple with the crumble topping, but appreciate a good cherry or berry pie. One of my favorite pies is the double cream blueberry pie from blueberry-cream-pieMarie Callender’s. Oh. My. Gosh. I found this copycat recipe today. I haven’t tried it yet, but I may have to. The only problem I see at first glance is that the pie needs to be about five times thicker.

7) Potato Chips — Probably my biggest weakness and a treat I can no longer enjoy like I once did (thanks Diabetes 😦 _ My favorites were Clover Club Barbecue potato chips. No other brand is quite as good.Clover Club chips are thin and crisp, not too salty, but just salty enough. Mmmm…  On a side note, the old, original Clover Club factory was about a block from my grandparents’ house, so whenever we would visit, we were treated to the delicious aroma of hot oil and potatoes, which was a lot more appealing than it sounds.

pansy-018) Pansies — One of my favorite flowers. I love them in all varieties. I don’t see them very often here in Florida, or at least not at the time of year I’m used to. Rather than being an early spring flower, here they show up in late fall and to the bet of my knowledge, only in pots at the store. I never see them nodding a friendly greeting from someone’s yard.

9) Peanut Butter — a good source of protein and an easy, quick bite if I feel a sudden dip in my blood sugar. Peanuts are also good. They’re an easy snack to carry, but with so many peanut allergies out there, I’m always a little reluctant to break them out.

gel-pens10) Pens — I am obsessed. I like blue ink, not black, and I like a medium point, not fine. Typically, I like an ink pen, not a gel, but my current favorites, are PaperMate’s Ink Joy gel pens because they’re quick drying. They feel good in my hand, and they’re smoooooth. Thanks to Daughter VS for telling me about them.

11)  Progressive Dinners — Okay, this isn’t actually a regular part of my life, but it’s playing a part right now because there is one looming threateningly on the horizon. I’ve never been a fan of the progressive dinner, or maybe more accurately, of the idea of the progressive dinner. As a certified introvert,  I have come to the conclusion that the Progressive Dinner is one of the introvert’s worst nightmares. It’s worse than a regular dinner party, which, if hosted at a familiar place and featuring a few trusted souls, can actually be enjoyable. A Progressive Dinner requires introverts to get up, get dressed, put on their social faces, and steel themselves to people just like a regular dinner party. At a regular dinner party, the introvert can locate a safe spot or adjust to the people seated nearby, thus allowing him/her to endure and even enjoy to the end. A progressive dinner, however, changes locations several times and requires the introvert to locate safe spots in each new location in addition to potentially sitting next to different people at each location, which means constant emotional adjustments. and that’s exhausting. Don’t get me wrong, I like people. I like my friends. and I appreciate being invited to do things and go places, especially when those places and things allow me to adjust quickly. Even if I don’t thoroughly enjoy myself at some events, I love being included and feel left out when I’m not. (Yeah, introverts can be weird like that.) But there are some things I’ll avoid when I can and the Progressive Dinner is one of them. I just can’t figure out why some people consider this a fun way to spend the evening.

12) Pinochle — My parents taught me to play Pinochle when I was fairly young — old enough to understand the rules, but definitely still a kid. We played on vacations and sometimes on holidays after the meal was finished. On road trips, we’d gather around the table every evening, either in a hotel room or my parents’ tent-trailer, depending on the trip, and play until my dad had skunked us all. I’m not sure anyone else ever actually won. Dad was genius at the game.

dad-mom-on-ferry-large13) Which brings me to Parents — I was blessed to be born to a great set of parents. They taught me how to do life, and they were great at creating memories for us kids and also for their grandkids. Here they are a few years ago on the last road trip I was able to take with them. On this leg, we were on the ferry from Nova Scotia to Maine.


photo credit: Average Jane Art supplies via photopin (license)


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