13 Things that Begin with “M”


13 Things in my life that begin with M — in no particular order.

  1. Mom: It’s one of my two favorite “jobs” in life. When I was young, before I was married, I thought I wanted 4 kids. My ex-husband wanted 5. We ended up with 2, which was probably smart. I adore my two daughters, but I’m not sure I would have done well trying to raise more than two. Then again, maybe I would have risen to the occasion. We’ll never know.

Crime Scene Tape2. Murder: Not that I’ve committed it or anything. Or even seriously contemplated committing it in real life. But in my 25-year career as an author, more than half of my books have included murder in some form.

3. Mormon: Yeah, I am one. Contrary to popular belief, that does make me a Christian. I believe in God. I believe that Jesus Christ is the savior of all mankind. That’s all I’m going to say about that. I try not to hammer anyone else over the head with my beliefs, but am always happy to answer questions if someone has any.

4. Money: There is never enough. I’m not sure there ever could be. If I made more of it, I would find more ways to spend it. One of my great dreams is to buy a house and pay cash for it, but another is to provide the means for underprivileged youth with artistic talent to pursue those talents. I think it’s a great shame that very talent people don’t get the chance to use their talents for lack of money.

remember5. Memory: I’ll admit that mine isn’t the greatest. In fact, it’s the subject of numerous jokes by my kids at my expense. I’m notorious for forgetting something (like that fact that my child needs to use the restroom while on a car trip) in less than a minute — but I think that’s because I’ve been constantly preoccupied for much of my life. I’ve been preoccupied by the stresses of making ends meet as a single mom working two and three jobs at a time, and also by the make-believe world in which I’m currently living as I write a book. I’ve been known to get lost in a neighborhood I know like the back of my hand because my head’s not in the reality game, so to speak. I can remember minute details about the worlds I’m building, but can’t remember the names of the characters in someone else’s book I’m currently reading. Don’t ever ask me about my favorite fictional romance couple. I won’t be able to tell you because I can’t remember their names–unless I’m allowed to pick one of my own.

6. Middle: Yes, I am one of those dreaded middle children–the misunderstood, the overlooked, yadda, yadda, yadda. For many years when I was younger, I felt that way. I thought my sister was special because she was the oldest and my brother was special because he was the youngest (and the only boy), and that there was nothing special about me. As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized that’s not true at all. I guess time (and wisdom and perspective) does heal all wounds if we let it.

coffee-06-22-167. Morning: It’s my favorite time of day. Since I was a baby, I’ve been getting up at 5:00 in the morning. My mom tells me that while all the other houses on our street were dark, our lights were on because I was up and ready to play. For many years, I simply couldn’t sleep later than that. Now I can, but I rarely do simply because if I don’t get out of bed early, I feel like I’ve lost the whole day before it’s even started.

8. Mountains: I love the mountains. I love looking at them, driving through them, camping in them. I was born with high-altitude, desert-loving lungs, and nothing makes me feel better than breathing in the cool, crisp air of a high-mountain morning. I don’t live anywhere near mountains right now, and I miss them horribly. Even after 7 years in Florida, I sometimes wake up with the urge to drive up into mountains just for fun.

0. Muggy: Hot, humid, muggy weather is not my favorite. As I said above, I was born with high-altitude, dry desert air loving lungs. Unfortunately, most of the time here in Florida, my lungs are not happy. I look forward every year to November, December, and January when most locals are complaining bitterly of the cold and I am walking outside in my shirtsleeves, celebrating the cooler weather. Having the windows open in the middle of February is one of my favorite things about living in Florida.

c1127-dirty2bdan2527s2bband10. Musician: I was one for a number of years in addition to my regular day job. I’ve talked about this in a couple of previous blog posts (13 Things That Begin with “B” and 13 Things that Begin with “J”)  Here’s a shot of us taken…oh, a long time ago. I’m the one on your far left.

11. Musicals: I confess to having a fondness for a good musical, whether it be at the theater or the movies. I’d be hard-pressed to name a favorite since I enjoy so many of them and, frankly, my favorite at any given point in time will depend largely on my mood at that moment. Off the top of my head, though, I can sam that some of my favorites include Hello, Dolly!, Singin’ in the Rain, and 1776. A song that always makes me laugh is :Bless Yore Beautiful Hide” from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I could go on, but I won’t.

12. Milk Chocolate: Yes, I count this as something beginning with M. I do not enjoy dark chocolate (I know, I know), and there is such a thing as too much chocolate (devil’s food cake with chocolate fudge icing, for example). If I’m in need of a chocolate fix, give me milk chocolate every time.

sz-image8-63_113. My Mom: This is different from No. 1 above because there’s a difference between me as a mom and my mom as a mom.  If you’re a daughter who is also a mother, you’ll likely know what I mean. My mom is 91 years old this year. She’s slowed down a lot and her memory is growing dim, but she’s still my mother, and the older I get and the more of life I experience, the more I appreciate her. It would be wrong of me to let this letter of the alphabet pass by without paying tribute to her.


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