13 Things That Begin With “K”


In no particular order..

1 Keyboards: This word has double meaning in my life. For the past 25 years or so, I’ve earned my living with the keyboard of a computer, but I also spend about 9 years playing the keyboard in a band.

2 Kids: I have two of my own and two grandchildren, who recently spent a month at my house and brightened my summer considerably. I also teach a class of 8 & 9 year-old kids at church. Children are a big part of my life.

Macrame3 Knots: Here’s a little-known piece of trivia for you–years ago, I owned my own macrame company. I called it Lotsa Knots and made macrame hangers that were sold at my then-husband’s family floral business.

4 Kitchen: I spend a lot of time in mine, but I can’t say it’s my most relaxing time. I wish I were the kind of person who loved to cook or who found some kind of creative outlet in the kitchen but, alas, that’s not me. I spend time in the kitchen out of necessity. I’ve often thought that if I had someone to prep the ingredients for me and then clean up after me, I might find cooking a more enjoyable experience.

Falling Pub Dom5 Klutz: I’ve always dreamed of being graceful, of moving through life on a dancer’s feet. Unfortunately, that’s not me, either. I’m kind of a klutz. I can trip over a drop of water on the floor, and I’ve fallen so many times, my knees are pretty roughed up. A boyfriend once said that I was the only person he knew who could throw myself on the floor…and miss.

6 Kindergarten: I didn’t go. This wasn’t unusual where I grew up since in those days Kindergarten wasn’t a required part of school. My mom did put me in a preschool for a few months. I don’t remember much about it, except that there was some boy there who tried to kiss me every day. See more about this in the next item.

7 Kiss: I’m sure that everyone remembers their first kiss. I certainly remember mine. At the young age of 5, I was routinely bothered by an enthusiastic young boy who wanted to kiss me. This disturbed me so much, I tried to “stink” him off by dousing myself in my mom’s perfume. It didn’t work. But even he wasn’t my first kiss. That honor was reserved for my childhood friend, Philip, who grew up to live his dream of acting on Broadway and who, sadly, passed away in 1987.

Aramis and Tinkerbell8 Kitties: I live with two. Tinkerbell is a couple of years old. Aramis is about 7 months old. Both are rescues who were abandoned. A friend found Tinkerbell (right) with her two sisters in a box in the woods near her house. I found Aramis (left) and his sister outside a church. The sibling were all adopted by other families, and we have these two. They keep things lively at home when the’re not napping.

9 Kneeling: Okay, so this is a stretch since this is something I can’t do anymore (see above comment about the condition of my knees.) But kneeling, by its very nature, is a huge part of my life precisely because I can’t do it anymore. Until putting your weight on your knees becomes excruciating, you don’t realize how much a part of life kneeling is.

A brief pause while I comment on how tough it is to find 13 things that begin with K.

10 Kimono: I had one once A real kimono direct from Japan. It was a gift from Miko, a foreign exchange student who lived with my family for a year. It was my senior year of high school, and I begged my parents to apply to host a student. The experience turned out to be a little less than ideal. Shortly before Miko was scheduled to come, my mom suffered a burst appendix and spent more than a month in the hospital recovering. She was still in the hospital, in fact, the day Miko arrived. Mom came home shortly afterward, but she was still weak and shaky. Thinking about it now, I’m amazed that Mom didn’t insist that we back out of the agreement. My mom isn’t the only parent who amazes me when I think back on that experience. Dad fought in World War II in the South Pacific. He could so easily have refused to let the daughter of his former enemy come to live with us, but he didn’t. Not only did he agree to let her come, I don’t remember him breathing one word that anyone might have found objectionable that whole year. This may not seem like a big deal, but my dad wasn’t exactly known for his tact or his ability to hold his tongue. In spite of my parents’ sacrifices, Miko and I struggled to get along. The rules were that we had to share a room (but not a bed). So what had previously been my personal sanctuary, suddenly became hers. She locked me out of my own room more than once in the course of the year. And she wrote about me in her diary in Japanese (don’t ask how I know.) In an amazing display of maturity, I reciprocated by writing about her in shorthand.

Kaga11 Kaga: I am a huge fan of Takeshi Kaga, known to many as the Chairman on the original Japanese version of Iron Chef. While that’s how Kaga first came to my notice, he’s an accomplished actor who has starred as Jesus in Jesus Christ, Superstar, as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, Dr. Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde in Jekyll & Hyde among many other projects. One of my prize possessions is the soundtrack from the Japanese production of Les Mis, a gift from friends several years ago.

12 Knowledge: I like learning, but I don’t like learning in traditional settings. I like hands-on learning, but hate training sessions. Give me a new computer or a new computer program and turn me loose. Don’t try to teach me how to use it, just let me know where to find you if I have questions. I like knowing about many things. I like exploring new worlds and new cultures. I like broadening my world. A former boss once said, “Knowledge is never wasted.” She was right.

13 Kindle: After years of being contracted with two different publishers, I have the rights to distribute my own books again. Currently 10 of my books (the Fred Vickery mystery series and all 4 time travel romances I wrote for Jove Time Passages) are available in Kindle format. I’m in the process of getting the rights back to several contemporary romances, as well, and those will be available in Kindle format as soon as humanly possible. If you’re interested, check out my author page on Amazon.


photo credit: Macrame and Flowers via photopin (license)


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