13 Things that Begin With “I”


Yes, I am a day late.

In no particular order: (I warn you in advance, this list may be odd. I is a difficult letter!)

1) Ice. You can offer me a drink without ice or a drink in a bottle, and I’ll probably take it, but I much prefer ice in any drink (except those intended to be served hot, of course.) For years, I’ve had a “big red cup” that I picked up at a gas station near my home in Utah that my grandkids know is usually filled with ice, and sometimes only ice. When they were little, they’d just climb up on my lap and stick their dirty little fingers down in the cup and fish out ice whenever they wanted it.

mushroom-house-14433469564Jt2) Imagination. My mother always told me I had a huge imagination, and I guess that’s probably true. I don’t think she always meant it as a compliment. My imagination often got the blame for my interpretation of events in ways she didn’t like. Now instead of a somewhat disgusted, “Oh, Sherry, you have such an imagination…” when I bring up something she doesn’t want to hear, I’m likely to get, “Oh, Sherry, that writer’s imagination of yours…” Regardless of how my mom meant it, my imagination has served me well over the years.

3) Injuries. I’ve had a few over the years. Have a couple of bad knees to show for them.

4) Instructor. For years, since 1993 in fact, I’ve instructed other writers on the craft of writing. My career began when the writer and teacher who taught my first writing course through a local school district continuing education program decided to step down and suggested me as a replacement. I taught a few courses through one of the local colleges and for many years taught classes out of my home and presented full-day workshops in my local area. Later, as the internet became more of a “thing,” I took my classes online. Now, I’m turning all of those classes and workshops into books on writing.

5) Insulin. Maybe this one doesn’t belong on my list since apparently my body doesn’t know how to produce this anymore, but the lack of insulin or the depleted level of it, or just that fact that I now have to think about it at all makes it a viable entry.

6) Invoices. Hey, I warned you this list would be weird. But here’s why this fits. Years ago, when I was a young married woman with a small child crawling around my house, my husband’s family owned a large floral company in Salt Lake City. We needed two incomes, but nobody wanted me to go out and work, so Grandma gave me some jobs I could do at home. I made bows for flower arrangements. I twirled netting onto floral spikes with that green floral tape, and I handled invoices, sometimes mailing them, sometimes receiving payment and writing the receipts for them, sometimes putting them in numeric order so they could be filed away. It helped the grocery budget, but wasn’t mind-stretching work.

ideia7) Ideas. Where would any writer be without them? Ideas alone may not make a book, but no book would ever exist without them.  

8) Iron. Since I was a teenager, I’ve struggled with an iron deficiency and have had to take supplements on and off for years. I’m currently off, but that could change at any moment. I remember the first time the doctor prescribed the iron. I took a pretty strong dose for a couple of months and then he told me I could stop, but I felt so much better with the iron in my system, I cried at the idea of going back to the way I had been. Low iron is no joke.

9) Indie.  Back in the olden days, when I first started writing, the idea of self-publishing a book carried with it a huge stigma. Nobody who was any good at writing would even consider it, and those few souls who tried and failed to get a publishing contract and, instead of giving up like any self-respecting failure should at that stage, spent money to publish their own book were objects of thinly disguised pity. Times certainly have changed since then. More and more authors are taking the plunge and either going completely indie or becoming “hybrid” authors by publishing some of their own stuff and working with publishers with other projects. After getting the rights back to 10 of my books, I’ve gone indie with them and I plan to go indie with my next new project in just a few months. It’s a brave, new world.

DSC0108410) Islands. You may think that growing up in a landlocked state like Montana and spending my teenage and adult years in a land-locked state like Utah, that islands would not factor into my life experience. But you’d be wrong. In Utah, we had the lovely Antelope Island, smack in the middle of the Great Salt Lake. This is a picture of Antelope Island (in the distance) that I took last year. And here in Florida, we have more islands than you can shake a stick at.

11) Inside. It’s where I prefer to spend most of my time, especially here in Florida. The winters are lovely, don’t get me wrong. When the heat is gone and the humidity is low in the middle of January and you can walk your dog wearing a t-shirt and shorts, that’s the life. But from about mid-May until October, the weather here is (to me) extremely unpleasant. I don’t like heat and I don’t like humidity–or maybe I should say they don’t like me. Either way, we are not a match made in heaven.

12) Insects. We have them here in Florida. Lots of them that I’ve never encountered before. I am not a fan.

13) Intentions. The road to hell is paved with good ones, and I have contributed plenty of pavement. I intend to do a lot of things that I don’t actually do for one reason or another, usually involving health or finances. If those two things didn’t get in my way so often, I’d see more of my intentions realized, I’m sure. At least, I hope I would.

Can’t believe I found 13 “I” words to blog about!


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