13 Things that Begin with “H”


In No Particular Order

  1. memorial dayHolidays. I have always loved ’em. When I have the time and energy, I love to decorate for them. Love to celebrate them. Love to surround myself in the sights and smells of them. Love to be with my family for them. When I’m not with my family, I’ll admit my enthusiasm for the holidays wanes a bit. Most of my friends who live nearby have their own things going on for the holidays, which is fine. Sometimes it’s harder to be included in someone else’s family get-together than it is just to get through the day on your own. The Princess and the Pixie are going to be visiting for the 4th of July this year, though, so I’m hoping to make it a great holiday.

2. Hair. For as long as I can remember, it’s been the bane of my existence. Yes, you can have hair that’s too thick. Trust me. Too thick. Too curly. Too dense. Just too. When I was younger, I wanted long, straight, thin hair. I’d still like to wear a decent ponytail just once before I die. I’m not sure it will ever happen.

3.Henry VIII. I’m fascinated by the history surrounding this man, and have been for years. I’m also a huge, huge fan of the Showtime series The Tudors. I thought Jonathan Rhys Myers did an incredible job portraying him.

canon-forces pub dom4. History. Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m fascinated by history in general, especially old English and early American history. Whenever I dream about writing “the great American novel,” it’s always an epic story set around the war for American independence. I’m fascinated by the risk the founding fathers and those who fought against what was then the greatest nation on earth to create a brand new country. But those aren’t the only periods in history that fascinate me. One of these days, I’m going to delve into stores from Biblical times, too. Actually, which some time periods and places fascinate me more than others, history just flat-out interests me.

5. Home. I love to travel, but I also love to come home. Once I’m here, it’s hard to pry me loose again. When I was a kid, I would have been perfectly content to have everyone come to my house to play. I saw no need to ever leave my house and my yard. But times have changed. Now, I’d rather go to somebody else’s house so I don’t have to clean mine!

6. Honesty. It’s very important to me. Tell me anything, no matter how harsh or stark, but make sure it’s the truth. The truth I can handle. Lies not so much.

hopscotch1900f2917. Hopscotch. One of my favorite childhood games. Apparently, my favorite layout was the English one. The one they refer to as “American” had the X square in where 2 & 3 are in the picture here, and I tended to lose my balance. I needed those extra few jumps to get my footing, I guess.

8. Hope. Without it, life is flat.

9. Horses (imaginary). Another favorite childhood game was imaginary horse. My friends and I would play it at recess when I was in first and second grades. My horse was black with a star on her forehead, and her name was…wait for it…Star! Though I imagined myself a stellar horsewoman, I only rode real horses about once a year, so it’s the imaginary ones that stick in my mind.

10. Hospitals. My family and I have spent entirely too much time in hospitals. They’re not a place I like to go, but when I have to be there I’m awfully grateful for them, and for the people who work in them.

11. Hugs from granddaughters. Heaven on earth.

Budapest Pub Dom12. Hungary. I’ve never been there, but my brother-in-law was born there, which makes my nieces and nephew half-Hungarian, so I have a connection that counts. One of these days I’d love to see for myself all the places I’ve only heard about.

13. Happiness. To me, this one goes along with #8 above because I think they’re both things we either choose or don’t choose. I didn’t always feel that way. I used to think that happiness was something that happened when everything was right with my world. Ditto for hope. I waited and waited for that to happen, only to discover along the way that happiness and hope were both things I had to choose. Even when life is going smoothly, it’s possible to be unhappy unless a person actively chooses to be happy and hopeful. Even when life is rough, it’s possible to be happy and hopeful if a person chooses to be. I’m not saying it’s easy. For me, it’s much easier to choose to feel angry, upset, and discontented. Happiness and hope are the more difficult choice. But they’re also the most rewarding.


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