13 Things that Begin with “G”


Thirteen Things In My Life Beginning with “G” (In No Particular Order)

Girls 01

Copyright Stholen Moments Photography

1. Granddaughters. Surely you’re not surprised. These girls are the absolute light of my life. Even on the most stressful, anxious days, they make my world bright. They are the reason that after years of skepticism on the issue, I now truly believe that God loves me. I am the luckiest woman on the face of the earth.

2. Goody Goody Gunshots, a book I wrote several years ago under the pen name Sammi Carter. It was the first book I ever wrote organically, without a plot in my head and no idea where the story was going. I only knew that Abby, the protagonist in the series, witnessed a man being shot and that the body disappeared before she could get help.

3. Gavel. I have one of my very own. How many people can say that? Mine even has my name engraved in it. How’s that for a useless bit of trivia???

4. Glycerine. When I was a very little girl living in Montana, I used to get nosebleeds frequently, and for no discernible reason. My mother took me to the doctor, who decreed that the blood vessels in my nose were too close to the surface. I think he wanted to cauterize my nose, but my mother wanted to avoid that, so Mom used to swab my nose with glycerine-soaked tip of a cotton swab. If you have never had your mother shove the glycerine-soaked end of a Q-Tip into your nose and swab around, you’re missing an experience!

5. Gogoat-1398533044skLat’s Milk. My experience with goat’s milk was very short-lived. My mother once went to a chiropractor who thought that goat’s milk was the one secret ingredient that could cure all of the world’s ills. When I told him that there was a definite (and not necessarily positive) difference between the taste of goat’s milk and that of cow’s milk, he told me I was crazy. He swore up and down that it was impossible to tell the difference and put me to a taste test. Frankly, I don’t think the man had any taste buds. It may not be that there’s a huge difference between unpasteurized cow’s milk and goat’s milk, but there’s a huge difference between the milk I will drink and the milk I won’t.

6. God, who brings all the good things in my life, and who has carried me in His hands through the bad on more than one occasion.

7. Golden Gate Bridge. My parents lived in the Bay Area for a few years–not San Francisco, exactly, but in San Mateo, on the peninsula. I remember going to the city once, long before my parents moved there, and getting sucked by traffic onto the Golden Gate Bridge over and over again while my dad tried to find a hotel for us to stay in. At that time, my dad didn’t believe it was necessary to make reservations in advance, so even when we did spot a motel that looked relatively clean and safe, they had no rooms. It kept getting later and later but traffic never thinned and my dad just kept getting more and more frustrated. The rest of us fought the giggles.

8.Giggles. Ever come down with a case of the giggles? They always hit at the most inappropriate times, usually when you’re in a place or a situation where you should remain silent. I remember once when I was probably 12 or 13, my mother and I got the giggles while we were at the library. This was back in the day when libraries were truly silent, so even our quietest efforts to pull ourselves together echoed off the vaulted ceilings. I don’t even remember what we were laughing about now, but that’s the best thing about the giggles. They come upon you without reason. To hear one of my favorite giggles of all time, click here.

granny-smith-apple9. Granny Smith Apples.  Just about the finest apple ever created. If you ask me, apples have no business being red.

10. Granny B’s Sugar Cookies. Because they’re cookies and they’re covered in pink frosting and they have sprinkles. They’re kind of like Lofthouse only a lot better. I’m not sure you can find them everywhere. They were all over in Utah, but I haven’t seen them since I moved east. But you’re in luck because even if you can’t find them at a store or gas station near you, help is available. You granny2bb253bscan read more about them here on my old blog (until I get everything migrated to this location.) You can also get a copycat recipe here, which I have tried and which actually turned out really good.

11. Great Salt Lake. Along the western edge of the Salt Lake basin lies the Great Salt Lake. According to thefreedictionary.com, it’s the largest salt lake in the Western Hemisphere, the fourth largest terminal lake in the world. Water flows in, but it doesn’t flow out. It evaporates here in the middle of the dessert, leaving a deposit of minerals (salt) behind. It covers an area of about 1,700 miles, although that fluctuates a lot since the lake is so shallow. It is notlike other lakes. There’s no recreation on it except a few intrepid sailors. There’s no life in it except brine shrimp, and there’s no real reason to spend time near it, if you ask me. Bottom line? It stinks!

102_268212. Gulf of Mexico.  I’m currently living just a mile (maybe) from the Gulf, which is a whole different experience than living near the Great Salt Lake. To begin with, it’s utterly beautiful, as you can see from this picture my daughter took. In fact all of the beach pictures here on my website were taken within 10 miles of my house by one of my family members. And it doesn’t stink–at least not all the time. On occasion, you might get a strong seaweed or dead fish smell, but usually it’s just lovely.

Giraffe13. Giraffes. It may sound silly, but when they were little, my granddaughters and I used to play Giraffes. Our hands were the giraffe’s mouths and our arms were the giraffes necks, and we could play with our hands and arms as if we were working puppets. We used to play for hours and hours (or maybe it just felt like hours to me.) Whatever. The important thing here is that laying giraffes with two of my favorite people on the planet has helped me develop an affinity for the real creatures. I think they’re just beautiful.

That’s it for today. Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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