The Great Blog Migration

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been painstakingly (some might say obsessively) moving posts from a very, very old blog into this one. My most recent blog before this sits untouched, but I am moving posts I wrote in 2005 over here slowly, slowly, one at a time. Okay, so this hardly qualifies as a “great” blog migration, but humor me.

I ask myself why I’m doing it. Most of the posts are a bit silly, maybe even a bit embarrassing. It’s not as if I’m aware of any pearls of great price in the blog. In fact, for a long time I forgot the blog even existed. And then one day I got a notice that my blog was about to be deleted…and that’s when I panicked.

desert-jewelsThe blog was written during some very difficult years, and while part of me says I should just let those posts go and just forget about them. the writer in me says “Don’t be ridiculous!” I wonder if I might find a gem there, some forgotten moment that I wrote about that I need to remember. What if there are pictures there I have lost in the past couple of computer migrations?

These posts were written while I served on the board of directors at Romance Writers of America, while my youngest daughter was battling depression and then getting married and later giving birth to my first grandchild. The Princess was born 13 1/2 weeks early–at just 27 1/2 weeks gestation. I can’t risk losing the record of that. I certainly can’t risk losing the pictures I might have uploaded.

And while the posts may mean nothing to anyone else, already I’m seeing signs of the dastardly brain fog that made it so hard for me to write for so many years. I had no idea it extended back that far. The oblique references are, no doubt, meaningless to anyone else, but they’ve provided a few Aha! moments for me.

And so the migration continues one post at a time. I have yet to discover any true forgotten gems, but I can’t ignore the possibility that one might exist.


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