The Trouble With Being Your Own Boss

I’m going to be upfront from the beginning. I’m whining today. I woke up in a mood, and nothing has happened to make that mood better. What’s got me torn up today? The fact that I’m my own boss–which is usually a great thing. I love being my own boss…until something out-of-the-ordinary needs to be done.

Wrecked Car

Not my actual vehicle

Like if there’s car trouble.

I live with my adult daughter, who has job she loves as a quality control analyst in the health-care industry. She uses a car to get back and forth to work every day because where we live, there are no other options. There’s no public transportation of any kind.

She and I drive a couple of old, unreliable cars, so there’s frequently car trouble. I’d love that to be different, but it’s not, and sometimes you have to just accept what is. But when the car breaks down (either car) I drive daughter to work and then I deal with the car issue. I get the calling on the phone, the making of arrangements, the backing-and-forthing to the mechanic’s shop, the getting of the money, the paying of the bill, and the picking up of daughter later. I do all that because she has to account for her time to someone else.

I don’t, so my work suffers.

Cluttered Room

Not my actual room–not my actual mess

Or let’s say someone is coming by for some reason–someone who’s not really a friend and who hasn’t seen your house at its worst. Someone you really don’t want to see your house at its worst, so you decide a few rooms need a little TLC

Guess which one of us gets to go to work, and which one gets the picking up, the tidying, the straightening, the running of the vacuum.

One of the hardest things about being self-employed and working from home is the guarding of your work time. People tend to think that a quick phone call or a short visit won’t be a bother. Some people think that because you’re home all day, you’re the perfect person to tag for helping others–for watching the kids of acquaintances who need day care, or driving someone somewhere they need to go.

I don’t mind doing my share of those things. Really, I don’t. When I’m in the middle of car-troubleitis, I need people who are willing to get me where I need to go, and I do try to pay it back by helping others when they need it. I like to think I’m a fairly good neighbor and friend, but when you work from home and nobody’s watching your time, it’s a constant struggle to make sure you actually have time to work.


Not my actual hands or computer

It’s been a particular struggle for me the past few months, and today all the frustration piled up on me at once. It’s only Tuesday, and already I know this week is going to be a lost cause; hence, the frustration and the whining.

Like I said in the beginning, usually I love being my own boss. But there are days…



A full with toys living room is our kids’ heaven! via photopin (license)


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