Beginning a New Tradition

I have decided to begin a new tradition. I know, I know, nearly 30 books into my career is a bit late to begin a new tradition, but recently I either read about someone who does this, or something I read about someone else’s tradition sparked this idea for me (I have no idea which right now because I stumbled across whatever it was while clicking through the internet in a deadline-induced fog.).

CharmThe tradition I want to start is to buy a charm for my charm bracelet each time I finish writing a book. Isn’t that a cool idea? I’m pretty sure I read about someone else doing it, so I can’t even take minimal credit for it. But what a terrific way to commemorate all your hard work and successes, don’t you think?

I already have a charm bracelet (which I love but never wear because it’s so sparsely decorated.)  It currently sports one charm from a long-ago trip to Colorado, one from Grand Teton National Park, one Pluto (my favorite Disney character) and one Disneyland charm. I got the bracelet itself at least 30 years ago — a gift from the man who was then my husband, became my ex-husband, and then later became my late ex-husband. The marriage wasn’t a success, but before he died we became friends, so the bracelet still has sentimental value.

Now, maybe a charm bracelet is an outdated idea, but I’ve written almost 30 books and it occurred to me as I was putting in the last great push to finish the most recent piece in what has become my body of work, that the herculean effort of writing a novel ought to be commemorated in some meaningful way. At least something more meaningful than a nap!, which is my current mode of celebration.

So even if it’s something I only wear to writer-related events, that’s my plan. I’m going to buy a new charm each time I finish writing a novel. I think maybe I’ll pick out the charm when I begin each book and then buy it for myself when I finish it.

Just thinking about all that delicious anticipation makes me happy!!


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