To Chart or Not To Chart?

business-chartI keep thinking that I’d like to track the progress of my current work in progress here, but every time I almost post something about doing it, I change my mind. I’ve blogged before about my daughter’s illness this year and what a tough time we had because of it. I’ve talked about what a tough time I’ve had getting back into the writing groove because of it.

The inevitable downside of an off-time in the creative cycle is late work. I think I’ve mentioned how understanding and helpful all of my editors have been, but it’s that very thing that stops me from recording my progress on my current work in progress.

The problem is, I’m late with this book. Or I was. We had to redo the contract because I was late, so my deadline is now September 30. I have to meet this deadline, or I’m going to cause a lot of trouble for my editor. My brand new editor. This is not something I want to do.

Calendar 01I’m never sure how much an editor understands about the creative process we go through to write the books we write, nor am I ever really sure how “normal” my own creative process  might look when stacked up beside someone else’s. I never know whether my editor would read today’s entry (assuming she even reads her authors’ blogs) absorb the news that I’m on, say, Chapter 6, and move on with her day? Or would the news that I’m working on Chapter 6 with less than 2 weeks until deadline make her worry?

That’s the part I don’t know, and that’s the part that makes me hesitate.

So I’m not going to post that I’m working on Chapter 6 again today, and I’m also not going to say that I’ve just printed Chapter 6, 7, and 8 and that I’m going to take them downstairs and rewrite half (if not all) of the scenes in them. Because if I did, it might make my brand new editor worry, and I certainly don’t want that, either.

I guess the smartest thing to do is just quietly cart the pages I printed downstairs, curl up in my favorite chair, and set to work with my editing pen.


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