Walking Through Fire

Well, color me absolutely mortified. I was contacted by an editorial assistant from my publisher a couple of weeks ago and asked to complete my art fact sheets online by today. For some reason “by July 13” translated in my head to 11:59 pm. Tonight.

I figured they’d look at them tomorrow. And so I planned accordingly–at least as much as I have been able to plan anything lately.

Hair Face FreeThe good news is, I completed most of the information. The bad news is, I was interrupted yesterday and unable to finish. I logged in this morning, all set to meet that deadline at least (have I mentioned how really tough this year has been???) only to discover that someone had marked it “complete.”  :::sigh:::

Lesson learned.

On the plus side, I’ve talked with my new editor, a delightful woman whom I met last year in Dallas. I look forward to a really good working relationship with her. Trust me, that’s important. I just had hopes of making a better first impression.

The days until the RWA national conference in Reno are flying by!  Countdown has officially begun. Chatter about outfits, shoes, seating at dinner, and workshop strategy is in full swing. I’m stunned to discover that some people are organized enough to plan their underwear by outfit. I will probably be the one person in Reno wearing the black bra with a white blouse. As someone else said, I’m too old for that to look anything but accidental.

One last thing before I finish, I’d like to invite everyone to a brand new blog recently started by my critique group (the Firewalkers.)  (Update. That blog no longer exists, so I’m removing the link.) Many, many years ago,  I had a conversation with a friend about daring to work through the fears that hold so many of us captive. She said she likened working through her writing fears to walking across hot coals, and that if you only try hard enough, you often find that you can do something you previously thought impossible.

I agreed with her, but I said I wouldn’t be content to merely walk across the coals, I wanted to dance across them, and my favorite screen name of all time was born: coaldancer.  When I started mentoring a group of friends, that group that eventually became The Coaldancers. (Amy my website devoted to all things writing is Dancing on Coals.)

Hot CoalsThe Firewalkers are an offshoot of that original group. We’re four long-time friends who share similar career goals, even though our writing styles vary and the subject matter we choose to explore is often very different. Some of us have small children; some of us are the mothers of grown kids. On the one hand, we’re very alike in spirit; on the other, we’re vastly different from one another. We’re also at different stages on our career journeys.

I hope you’ll stop by and give us a try. I hope you love Jo Ann, Teresa, and Angie as much as I do.

As soon as my Web Guy can update my site, you’ll be able to link directly to Firewalkers from my home page, but there will always be a link here, too.


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