What are you Reading?

It’s summertime and the thermometer is inching up toward 100 here at my house.  I have way too much work to do to shut down and read something wonderful while sipping a cool drink, but that’s exactly what I want to do.  For me, the heat of summer is as conducive to a reading jag as the cold of winter.

Ah…..who am I kidding?  I’ll use any excuse to read, just give me one.

  • 83062-books-public-domainIt’s too early to think.  I should read instead.
  • Ditto for too late.
  • It’s raining
  • Snowing
  • Hot
  • Spring, summer, winter or fall
  • Just got an advance check, need to hit the bookstores
  • Royalty check arrived — ditto.
  • It’s gonna be a while before I get another check; I need something good to read to tide me over.
  • I need to stimulate my mind.
  • I need to relax my mind.
  • I’m alone; I’d better take advantage of it.
  • Too many people around, better slip away somewhere quiet.

But with a deadline less than two weeks away and art fact sheets due to my publisher in a week, an agenda winging its way to me for the next board meeting and a workshop to prepare for RWA’s national conference in three weeks, I think I’d better tuck the excuses away and keep my nose to the grindstone.

I’d sure love to know what the rest of you are reading, though!  Post a comment and let me know.  Maybe I’ll pick up some suggestions for the next time I talk myself into a bookstore run to relieve the stress


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