The Conference Conundrum

It’s June, the time of year when the minds of many romance writers turn to the upcoming conference of Romance Writers of America.  We begin to thumb through the preliminary conference information, think about workshops that sound interesting, and if we’re lucky enough to be chosen to present a workshop, we begin to get that tight feeling in the pit of our stomachs about what we’re going to say.

Even more pressing, however, is the subject of wardrobe.  What will I wear to the conference this year? What will I wear on that all-important night, the night of the Award Ceremony?

100_1178Since I live in the second driest state in the union, my wardrobe options almost always include lots of cotton because almost everyplace we go is more humid than what I’m used to.  I can do humidity as long as I sit perfectly still.  Otherwise, I’m miserable.  But this year, my wardrobe angst is taking on new dimensions.  Because this year I’m attending RWA’s national conference for the first time as a member of the board of directors — and that means that instead of being happily invisible most of the time, I’m going to be visible.  Frequently.

I wonder how much weight I can lose between now and July.  I wonder if the suits I just ordered from that on-line catalog will be as great as they look. I wonder how many different ways I can mix and match what’s already hanging in my closet.

Luckily, the one thing I don’t have to worry about is what I’ll wear to the Banquet and Awards Ceremony.  I already have that outfit planned. Whew!


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