Aren’t Weekends Supposed to be Relaxing?

I thought weekends were supposed to be relaxing!  Or maybe that’s just a rumor I heard somewhere. It certainly doesn’t seem to be the case at our house! Lately, it seems as if I need all week long to recover from the weekend! Maybe I’m just getting old.

Good News

Don’t think I mentioned last week that I sold another two books to Harlequin Superromance. They’re tentatively titled HER SECRET FAMILY and WHAT WOMEN WANT, although both titles may change before the books hit the shelf. I’m excited for the opportunity to write both stories.

This leaves me with four books to write before November 30 of this year (two mysteries and two Supers) and I’ll be traveling quite a bit during that time, so I’m putting the Universe on notice–delays, personal and family crises, and other interruptions will not be tolerated! I’m going to need smooth sailing for the rest of 2005.

Oh! and if the Universe could conjure up a new laptop to replace the one that died last year, I’d be most appreciative.Hey!  It doesn’t hurt to ask!!!!!


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