It’s lunchtime, so I’m allowing myself a break. My youngest daughter has been ill, and getting back into the groove of writing every day has been tough. But it’s a good day today. The sun is shining and spring is on the horizon, and life is renewing itself right in front of my eyes. I stand in the sunshine and feel the stresses of winter slipping off my shoulders, and my whole being feels lighter.

Spring UnsplashThis morning I found tiny buds on some of the trees and spring bulbs are sprouting, not only in my flowerbeds but in the middle of my lawn. We’ve only lived in this house since July, so discovering tulips growing in the lawn is a fabulous surprise. The spontaneity appeals to the artist in me, I guess.

I’ve written several pages this morning and although the first two were excruciatingly difficult, the next two were a bit easier and I finally managed to finish a scene that’s been hanging over my head, unfinished, for weeks.

Maybe the logjam has finally been broken.

Maybe I just needed to remember that the bleakness of winter always gives way to spring


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