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For Readers: I like to write books that take people on an emotional journey, whether it’s a romance or a mystery. I love to create characters that become old friends to me before the end of the book, and I hope you feel the same about them.

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Recently, I’ve been working on getting several books from my back-list revamped, rejuvenated, and reissued in paperback and in Kindle format on Amazon. It takes a while since I read each book, update it to make it feel current, and change those things I’ve wanted to change along the way. All of the Fred Vickery Mysteries are currently available, as are four time travel romance novels, and a growing number of contemporary romance novels.

dead-on-arrivalAlso available in both paperback and Kindle formats is the first in a new series featuring Katie (Don’t Call Me Katie!) Scarlett O’Malley, the only female member of the 12-person police department in fictional Silverton, Montana, located just outside Yellowstone National Park.

Scarlett showed up on my radar screen more than 10 years ago, and though I’ve written several books since then, she refused to go away. It’s finally time to let her speak. This book is the first of many, I hope. I had a great time with Scarlett and the rest of the cast of the book and hope you will too.

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That Woman in Wyoming TinyAlso newly available is That Woman in Wyomingan updated version of one of my early romances. It’s available in Kindle format now and will be available in paperback May 9th.

Next up: The revised, renovated and re-released version of my own Beauty and the Beast story: Mr. Congeniality.

For Writers: For more than 20 years, I’ve taught workshops to writing groups around the country. Through my series of online workshops I’ve helped writers around the world learn the craft. Many of my clients have encouraged me to make those workshops available in book format, and those books are available in Kindle format. Check out my Books on Writing page for more information.

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