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I’m the “variety is the spice of life” sort. I don’t read just one kind of book, listen to one kind of music, watch one kind of TV or movies, or write one kind of books. One thing all my books have in common is an emotional journey for characters and readers alike.

If you like mysteries, check out my mystery titles. I’ve written three series and am currently working on my fourth.

No Place for Secrets Tiny

Fred Vickery Mysteries set in Colorado and featuring a 70-something Fred Vickery. After a minor¬† episode with his heart, Fred’s doctor has told him to slow down and avoid caffeine, cholesterol and excitement. His daughter, Margaret, watches him like a hawk, but Fred has no intention of giving up coffee, the food he loves, or of watching the world go by from his rocking chair. Meet Fred, his family and friends and all the folks in Cutler, Colorado.

Candy Apple Dead Tiny

The Candy Shop Mysteries (written as Sammi Carter) featuring lawyer-turned-candymaker, Abby Shaw. Abby returns home to Paradise, Colorado after losing her marriage and her career in one fell-swoop. But folks in Paradise haven’t forgiven Abby for leaving home 20 years earlier, and making a place for herself at “home” isn’t as easy as one might expect. Meet Abby,, her brother, Wyatt, and the townsfolk in Paradise, and spend time at Divinity. Each book includes recipes!

A Sheetcake Named Desire Tiny

The Piece of Cake Mysteries (written as Jacklyn Brady). Trained pastry chef, Rita Lucero, travels to New Orleans to (finally) get her husband’s signature on their divorce papers, but an unexpected tragedy leaves Rita staying in New Orleans permanently and scrambling to run Zydeco Cakes. Her almost-ex-mother-in-law, Miss Frankie Renier, is thrilled to have Rita back in her life, which makes things a bit awkward for Rita. Meet Rita and the whole gang at Zydeco and enjoy the unique flavor of New Orleans while you’re there. Each book includes recipes.

Dead on Arrival Tiny

The Scaroett O’Malley Mysteries: Set in Montana and featuring police-woman Katie Scarlett (Don’t call me Katie!) O’Malley. Scarlett’s mother ran off when Scarlett was just 3 years old. Now, 30 years later, the egg donor is killed less than 50 miles from Scarlett’s home town. Frankly, Scarlett would be happy to forget she ever had a mother, but that proves to be impossible when Mom’s ghost can’t seem to go toward the light. Together, Scarlett and Kat try to figure out why Kat keeps hanging around. Their search unlocks mysteries and reveals secrets that turn Scarlett’s whole world upside-down. Come hang out at the Happy Moose bar and meet Scarlett, Kat, and the whole crew in Silverton, Montana.

Mr Congeniality Tiny

If you love reading a good love story, check out my contemporary and time travel romance titles, each of which will warm your heart and take you on an emotional journey. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them!

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Creating Characters with Character TinyFor Writers: For more than 20 years, I’ve taught workshops to writing groups around the country. Through my series of online workshops I’ve helped writers around the world learn the craft. Many of my clients have encouraged me to make those workshops available in book format, and those books are available in Kindle format. Check out my Books on Writing page for more information.

And if you’re looking for help editing or someone to mentor you one-on-one as you write your own novel, I save some time in my schedule to work with others. For more information, check put my Editing page.


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